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Digital Plug Timer (standard 10A socket)


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7 Day Weekly Programmable Outlet with Timer  Digital Light Timer, Plug-in Timer for Electrical Outlet  


  • UP TO 10 SETTINGS: Our digital timer has up to 10 different ON and OFF program settings over a week, independent time settings for minutes, hours, days, and more, every program repeats once each week.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: digital plug in timer- home lighting, fan, heater and other electrical appliances, Hydroponics Greenhouse growing lighting, watering, ventilation/temperature control system, garden/farm lighting, watering system and other functions are fully controlled under one device with multiple time settings.
  • TIME AND ENERGY SAVING: outdoor digital timers – Indoor, outdoor lights and hydroponic systems can be automatically controlled. No need to spend too much time on checking the electronic supply around the house and the device also eliminates chances of leaving lights on all days and nights.
  • HOME PROTECTION: Appliance Timer with Outlet-turn on lights at a random time during the day when you are not at home in order to avoid break in effectively!
  • USER FRIENDLY: Programmable Outlet with Timer comes with easy to read large LCD display. It is also easy to switch between Standard time and Summer time and interchangeable 12 hour or 24 hour format
Application:Timer for Residential / General-Purpose
Grounding:Standard Grounding
Material:white body PC
Type:Plug with Timer Socket
Rating:10A, 240V
Certificate:CE, ROHS approval
Name:Digital Timer
Min Setting Time:15 Min
Max Setting Time:24hours

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