36W Full Spectrum Growing Bulb


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Uniformed Spectrum Distribution
Each LED chip mixes a blend of blue, green, red, and far red lighting essential for plant growth.
Each LED chip is mounted on an Independent Ceramic Heat Sink. There are 9 chips on each Heat
Sink. Independent Pixel Heat Sink® Technology provides both even and fast heat dissipation for
each LED light pixel. Each LED light pixel becomes its own heat dissipation source increasing our
photon density per watt (PPF/W).

Coverage Area
Recommended Square Footage: 2.47’- 4.20’ | Distance between Light and Plant: 18” – 24”

  • Voltage: AC120V / AC220V
  • Wattage: 36W
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
  • Dimensions: Φ110mm×H131mm/Φ116×H136mm
  • Strong Light Promotes Photosynthesis
  • The light-emitting angle is equal to  60° and the lighting is concentrated in one area with strong illumination and good effect.
  • Full Spectrum, Higher CRI, Growth Promotion
  • Simulating Natural Light Makes the Lighting Softer
  • Unique light distribution, soft lighting and good light-emitting uniformity effectively prevent plants from growing too high.

Single package size:
14X15X15 cm
Single gross weight:
0.880 kg

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