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300W Full Spectrum LED Panel


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Boost your indoor gardening success with the 300W Full Spectrum LED Panel. Designed for maximum efficiency and broad light coverage, this LED grow light provides the ideal lighting conditions for all stages of plant growth, ensuring vibrant, healthy plants and abundant yields.

Description: 300W E27 led grow light
Input voltage: AC85-265V
Power consumption: 52W +/-3%
Light quantity: 50pcs(38red+8blue+2IR+2UV)
Dimension: 300*122*57mm
Gross Weight: 1600g
Single package size:
35X20X11 cm

Key Features:Full Spectrum LED Panel

  • 300W High Power Output: Delivering a potent 300 watts of light, this LED panel ensures your plants receive the robust illumination necessary for vigorous growth and development.
  • Full Spectrum Lighting: Featuring a complete range of light wavelengths, including blue, red, and white, this LED panel replicates natural sunlight. The full spectrum light supports photosynthesis and promotes healthy growth from seedlings to flowering stages.
  • High Efficiency LEDs: Utilizing advanced LED technology, this grow light provides intense light while consuming less energy compared to traditional lighting solutions. It’s an eco-friendly option that helps lower electricity costs.
  • Wide Coverage Area: The design of the LED panel ensures even light distribution over a large growing area, minimizing hotspots and shadows. This uniform coverage promotes consistent growth and maximizes the productivity of your plants.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, including a sturdy aluminum frame and premium LEDs, this panel is designed for longevity and reliable performance in indoor growing environments.
  • Integrated Cooling System: Equipped with an efficient cooling system that includes heat sinks and silent fans, the LED panel maintains optimal operating temperatures. This extends the lifespan of the LEDs and ensures stable, continuous performance.
  • Easy Installation: The grow light comes with all necessary mounting hardware and clear instructions, making setup quick and straightforward. Whether you’re installing it in a grow tent, greenhouse, or indoor garden, you’ll have it up and running in no time.


  • Optimized Plant Growth: The full spectrum light provides all the wavelengths needed for photosynthesis, supporting healthy plant growth at every stage.
  • Energy Efficient: High-efficiency LEDs reduce power consumption, helping you save on energy bills while delivering superior light output.
  • Wide Light Coverage: Ensures even distribution of light across your growing area, promoting uniform growth and preventing hotspots.
  • Long-Lasting and Reliable: Durable construction and an effective cooling system ensure the grow light performs reliably over the long term.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more, making it perfect for both hobbyists and professional growers.

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